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Are you tired of termites crawling in your home? We understand your concern. Firstly, termites attack wood and timber. Secondly, they cause expensive furniture damage. Hence, the wood at your place must be protected. We take pride in the termite control services we provide. There are subtle signs that confirm a termite infestation. Firstly, hollow wood – means that termites have sucked the pulp. Secondly, timber appears bubbly and wrinkled. Sometimes, termites fill the chewed wood with mud as well. 

Therefore, looking for a reliable termite company near me? We can do the best for you. Pest Control Rowville offers reliable and accurate termite control services in Rowville. We combat all types of termites found. The Termite Control Rowville team is the expert you are looking for. With consistency and knowledge, we will remove all the termites from your property. Therefore, sit back and relax. Dial our customer service number 03 4050 7852 today. 

Easy and affordable termite inspection and removal services now in Rowville 

Termites are almost everywhere. They are always found in groups or swarms. Likewise, termites are also called white ants. They are one of the most destructive pests found. And they can chew the timber in less time. Leaving behind a dust form of residue called bore dust. Hence, termites give negative consequences. 

However, this can always be prevented. Choose the right termite pest inspection control company. And they will perform toxic-free termite and pest control at your place. Our team will definitely do the job for you. Just call us and make an appointment. We will arrive as soon as possible to inspect the situation. And hence, proceed with a quick and reliable termite removal process.

Preventive measure to ensure no termites at home

  • Firstly, remove all the infected timber from the area. And also the ones which are in contact with open ground. 
  • Use the garden beds below weep holes. Or the vents to be specific. This will conceal the external walls. Hence, avoiding termite entry. 
  • Check your ventilation systems. Because poor ventilation creates the required conditions for termite attacks. 
  • Use metal blocks and stirrups. This will put the furniture at a height. Above the ground. And will not allow termites to reach the wood. 
  • Fix all leaking pipes, drains, showers, and sinks. Moisture is a major element in termite infestation. Therefore, make sure to fix them as soon as possible. 
  • Get regular termite inspections done. This will reveal any initial termite sightings. 

Termite control services you can choose from in Rowville

  • Pre-purchase termite control service – No one wants termites on their property. This is why we offer pre-purchase inspection services. It’s easier to get rid of termites now. There are a variety of methods used. For instance – termite detection, termite removal, spraying for termites, and others. Hence, book a session with us. And get a termite-free property in no time. 
  • Domestic termite control service – Try us for termite removal services. We do provide both domestic and commercial termite protection. All you have to do is book a slot with us. Tell the symptoms of termite infestation to your customer care members. They will arrange a reliable team for you. And in no time, you have a termite-free home in Rowville. 
  • Restaurant termite control – Are you searching for the right termite barrier? Restaurants are prone to termites. Due to the food and beautiful furniture. They are easily attracted to restaurants. Therefore, we have the right termite solution in Rowville. Moreover, our termite treatment cost is very reasonable. 
  • Same day termite control – You can get instant solutions to termite problems. With our white ant treatments on an emergency basis. We will perform all kinds of services on the same day – like termite dry wood treatment, termite inspections, and timber termite treatment. Hence, no more waiting for termite problems. 
  • Emergency termite control service – Now get termite control within a few hours. Book a quick appointment. Get your quotation right away. And our team will be at your doorstep in no time. 
  • Termite inspection and removal service – Get your hands on the most effective – termite inspection and removal services. 

Book Our Termite Control Services Today! This Is How You Will Benefit From It! 

  • We understand termites can be a tough situation. Hence, we provide effective termite control near you. 
  • Our services have different varieties. Including the type of methods and products we use. 
  • Moreover, all these products are eco-friendly. They are safe to the environment. And also to the kids and pets around. 
  • Our professionals are versatile with their job. They have the right knowledge and experience. Hence, they are able to deal with different varieties of termites. 
  • We deal with both residential and commercial termite problems. 
  • Our customer service is available all round the clock in Rowville. 

Hence, we are trustable. With easy booking options at a reasonable price. Grab this amazing offer today! 


  1. What is the lifespan of termites? 

The lifespan of termites – soldier termites and worker termites would be around 10 to 14 months. Whereas the queen termites can live upto 25 years. 

  1. Should I leave the property during termite control in Rowville? 

Yes, it is advised to leave the property for some time. As there are chances of more damage. And it is practically unsafe to be around any kind of pest control. Even the professionals have their safety suits while performing. 

  1. Is termite fumigation an effective method? 

Termite fumigation is a popular termite control method. Hence, if done properly gives great results. Trust our professionals for the job.