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Do you have a lot of issues because of bird infestations? Are birds making you clean your house by excreting inside your property regularly? Have you been searching rigorously for bird control near me to find good company? Well, you are at the right place. At Pest Control Rowville, we offer you top-notch services. Moreover, we assure you that our services cause no harm to any birds. Furthermore, our team of bird control Rowville assists you completely in finding the best bird pest control method for your infestation issue. 

Birds can cause a lot of damage and transfer a lot of diseases. So, make sure that you are not letting the infest your residential or commercial property. Whether you have a bird nesting problem or a pigeon swarming problem. You can reach out to us for the best solution at an additional cost. 

Why Is Having A Bird Infestation Risky For Your Health? 

Rowville birds can spread a lot of bacterias and other health issues. The health concerns that birds include are as follows:

  • Salmonella: This is an infection just like typhoid. It affects your intestine severely. 
  • Ornithosis: This infection has plenty of symptoms. Pneumonia and flu are one of them. 
  • Bird Fanciers Lung: The dust that you inhale from living near bird debris can cause this allergic reaction. 
  • Cryptococcosis: This is a very critical health issue. In fact, Cryptococcosis can cause meningitis. This illness starts as an infection in your lung then starts affecting your brain. 
  • Escherichia Coli (E-Coli): A pathogenic strain that can be found in birds can cause this disease. When you ingest water or food contaminated with this pathogenic strain, you can develop this health condition. This disease concerns your gulls. 
  • Flies, Fleas, Mites, And Lice: If birds are using your property for nesting or hoisting. Then your property is at a big risk of developing flies, fleas, mites, or lice infestation. All these little pests can be extremely harmful to your overall health. 

The Bird Control Services Our Experts Offer

✔ Bird Inspection And Removal

Birds can cause a lot of issues than you might assume. People do not take a bird infestation seriously. Because they are unaware of all the health concerns that they bring. Moreover, birds can also cause a lot of damage. By hiring us you can prevent all these problems with our bird proofing services. However, if you already have an infestation issue then contact us for safe bird removal services today!

✔ Restaurant Bird Control

Feeding your customers in a place that has a bird infestation is hazardous for your guests. Moreover, it raises a lot of health concerns from food authorities as well. Make sure that you are not causing any harm to your restaurant’s reputation. Call us to make your restaurant a healthy place for your customers to enjoy delicious food. Eliminate all those bird infection concerns by calling us for bird control services. 

✔ Emergency Bird Control Service

Do you know by simpling living near bird droppings, you can get infected with a lot of bacterias? Yes, it is true. Do not keep on avoiding all the birds that have been living on your property. Contact our bird exterminators for a safe bird nest removal service. We also deliver special pigeon control services if your main concern is pigeons. So, get in touch with our expert service provider now. 

✔ Same Day Bird Control

Can not stand to clean off all the bird droppings anymore? Well, you do not have to wait to call our experts. We undertake all kinds of bird control and bird proofing services on a same-day booking basis as well. Yes, if you desperately want birds out of your property. Then feel free to contact us today for same-day bird control services. Moreover, our bird nest removal costs are extremely affordable. 

✔ Pre-purchase Bird Inspection

Looking for cost-effective pre-purchase bird inspection service experts? Welcome to Pest Control Rowville. We deliver the best and the most affordable pre-purchase bird inspection services. By getting a property inspected before investing money, you are making the right choice. By hiring us for this service, you can also enjoy affordable pigeon proofing and bird proofing mesh services. 

✔ Domestic Bird Control

Exposing your family and your pets to bird droppings can be very harmful to them. Make sure you are living in an environment that is safe and healthy for you. By eliminating the bird’s existence near your property, you will be able to breathe in uncontaminated air. Contact us now for domestic pigeon pest control at any time. We are here to assist our clients 24*7. 

The Bird Proofing Solutions we Deliver

There are a lot of bird proofing methods available. Picking us for bird and pigeon proofing will let you enjoy affordable proofing solutions. Go through all the bird proofing solutions we offer. 

  • Bird Netting: With bird netting, you can completely eliminate birds entering your property. We can install bird nets on your property at an affordable rate. Also, our bird nets are long-lasting. 
  • Bird Spikes: You can also call us for bird spike installation. Installing bird spikes will make the landing areas for birds uncomfortable. This will further protect against bird invasion. 
  • Bird Jolt: A bird jolt is an electrical bird track system. When a bird lands on this system, it will be mildly shocked. This shock does not harm them in any way. It is just to make the cautious. 

Why Should You Hire Our Bird Removal Experts? 

  • Tailored Solutions: You will receive tailored solutions to the bird problem that you are facing. 
  • Plenty Of Options: We have multiple options to offer you for your problem. Also, we have plenty of prevention techniques to resolve your issue. 
  • Cleaning: We also deliver cleaning services after the elimination of birds or bird proofing. 
  • Long-Lasting Prevention: Our proofing techniques are long-lasting. You will not have to worry about them getting damaged any time soon. 


  1. Is Your Company Open For Bookings In Lysterfield? 

Yes, our company is open for booking in all the suburbs near Rowville. 

  1. Are You Accessible On Sundays? 

Yes, you have access to our services 24*7.

  1. Will Your Bird Nets Be Able To Tolerate The Sun?

Yes, our bird nets will not melt in the Sun. They are long-lasting.